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Early pregnancy scan (7 to 10 weeks)

The early pregnancy scan is generally carried out from about 7 to 10 weeks. This scan provides reassurance to mothers and families by ensuring that there is a live and viable pregnancy by demonstrating a normal heart rhythm, confirming that the pregnancy is developing in the correct location i.e. inside the womb and by ensuring that the supporting structures in the early pregnancy appear normal.

Do I need an early pregnancy scan?

An early pregnancy scan provides the much needed reassurance and comfort to mothers with previous pregnancy problems such as those with a history of early miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies, those that have conceived from assisted conception techniques such as in vitro fertilisation, those who have certain risk factors in their medical or pregnancy history, and for those who’ve experienced early pregnancy problems such as vaginal bleeding with a risk of threatened miscarriage. 

How is the scan performed?

An early pregnancy scan is performed either transabdominally (scanning through the abdomen) or in some cases transvaginal (internal scan), if clear views are not obtained from the abdominal scan. If the scan is performed transabdominal, a full bladder is usually required. You will be provided an information leaflet by e-mail providing further information when you book for this scan.

What information can I obtain from an early pregnancy scan?

An early pregnancy scan provides about the well-being of the pregnancy based on: 

  • Confirmation of the fetal heart beat
  • Ensuring the presence of the pregnancy inside the womb
  • Dating of the pregnancy by measurement of the fetal crown-rump length (length from the developing baby’s head to bottom)
  • Ensuring supporting structures such as gestational (pregnancy) sac and yolk sac appear normal
  • Checking whether pregnancy is singleton or multiple

Can the early pregnancy scan assess risk for chromosomal abnormalities?

The assessment of chance for common chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome is assessed at 11-13 week scan and cannot be undertaken prior to 11 completed weeks. A non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), which is assessing the chance of these common chromosomal defects based on a maternal blood sample can be carried out at or after 10 weeks. 

How happens after the scan?

You will be explained the results of the scan in detail and provided with a comprehensive report including all the findings noted on the ultrasound scan. You will also be provided with scan images along with the scan report. You will be provided information about further appointments.

How can I book my early pregnancy scan?

You can book your appointment by clicking the link here (Viability scan booking). Alternatively, you can e-mail or call 01732 647072 to book your appointment. We will respond to you within 24 hours to confirm your appointment.