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Antenatal consultations

We offer antenatal consultations for effective pregnancy management and advice to families about ensuring the health and well-being of their pregnancy. We offer one-off consultations to discuss any specific issues or a package of 5 antenatal consultations alongside detailed ultrasound scans. These are offered at around 7-9 weeks, 11-13 weeks and 20-22 weeks in the first and second trimester and then at around 28, 32 and 35 weeks in the third trimester. The consultations included a detailed personal, medical, and pregnancy history; an assessment of mother’s health and well-being including a blood pressure, urine examination and a fetal ultrasound scan. We would also recommend specific investigations that could be beneficial for the pregnancy.

  • Detailed assessment of the mother and baby
  • Review of personal, medical, surgical and gynaecological history
  • Review of any previous pregnancies and if there are any factors that would impact on management of current pregnancy
  • Review of pregnancy investigations and discussion if further tests are required
  • Blood pressure, urine examination and if necessary vaginal swabs
  • Fetal ultrasound scan

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