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Cervical length scan ( 16 to 24 weeks)

The cervical scan measures the length of the neck of the womb and is useful to assess the chance of preterm birth.

Who needs an cervical scan?

An assessment of cervical length is recommended in mothers with risk factors for miscarriage or preterm birth. Common indications include a previous history of one or more miscarriages between 16-23 weeks, history of one or more preterm deliveries before 37 completed weeks, those who have had treatment for an abnormal smear test such as a LLETZ procedure or cone biopsy, those who are known to have an abnormal shape of the uterus such as a bicornuate (heart-shaped) uterus and in those who required treatment for short cervix in a previous pregnancy. There is evidence to suggest that it is useful to have a cervical length measurement in all pregnancies as for the majority who have a normal measurement, it provides reassurance about normality but in those with a short cervix, it can improve pregnancy management by instituting timely treatment and monitoring.

What is assessed at the cervical scan appointment?

The cervical scan involves measurement of the length of the neck of the womb (cervix) from the internal os (inside opening of the cervix) to the external os (outside opening of the cervix). The cervical length measurement is compared to the normal range and further management is recommended based on the length.

How is the scan carried out?

The cervical scan is performed transvaginally (internal scan). A full bladder is not required for the anomaly scan.

How happens after the scan?

You will be explained the results of the scan in detail and provided with a report including the measurements obtained during the scan. All images obtained during the scan will be provided to you along with an electronic version of the ultrasound scan report.

How can I book my cervical scan?

You can book your appointment by clicking the link here (Cervical scan booking). Alternatively, you can e-mail or call 01732 647072 to book your appointment. You will have the option of booking an evening or weekend appointment and the booking team from the clinic will contact you within 12-24 hours to book this.