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Cervical Length Scan

The cervical scan measures the length of the neck of the womb and is useful to assess the chance of preterm birth.

Who needs a cervical scan?

This is required in mothers who had previous miscarriages, premature births, those who had a loop excision for an abnormal smear test and in those with a different shape of the womb such as a bicornuate (heart-shaped) uterus. It is generally recommended in all pregnancies to be carried out along side the 20 week Anomaly Scan


What is assessed at the cervical scan appointment?

The scan involves taking measurements of the length of the neck of the womb (cervix) from the internal os (inside opening of the cervix) to the external os (outside opening of the cervix). 

How is the scan performed?

The cervical scan is performed trans vaginally (internal scan) and a full bladder is not required.

What happens after the scan?

We will explain the results and provide reassurance for most mothers, but in those with a short cervix, further treatment options will be discussed to prevent miscarriages or premature birth. 

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