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Fetal Heart Scan (20-22 weeks)

We perform a detailed assessment of the baby’s heart at every anomaly scan. In some pregnancies, a more comprehensive check of the heart is required.

Who needs specialist heart scans in pregnancy?

This is required in those with diabetes, epilepsy, family history of heart defects and in those whose Nuchal Scan and Anomaly Scan identified some problems that can associated with heart defects.

What is examined at the fetal heart scan?

The detailed fetal heart scan includes a comprehensive assessment of the the structure of the heart using the latest technology to examine not just measurements but also patterns of blood flow through the heart. 

How is the scan performed?

The anomaly scan is performed trans abdominally (scanning through the abdomen) and a full bladder is not required.

What happens after the scan?

The results of your scan will be explained in detail and if there is any concern identified then we will recommend an appointment with a consultant Fetal Cardiologist (heart specialist).

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