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Anomaly Scan (20-22 weeks)

The scan includes a comprehensive examination of the fetal growth, structure and anatomy and includes an assessment of the placenta and umbilical cord.

Who needs an anomaly scan?

All expectant mothers should have a detailed scan at 20-22 weeks to assess the health of the pregnancy.


What is examined at the anomaly scan?

This scan assesses the baby’s growth, anatomy and the quantity of amniotic fluid. The scan also checks the location and function of the placenta, which is extremely important for planning the next 20 weeks of your pregnancy.

How is the scan performed?

The scan is performed transabdominally (through the abdomen).

What additional assessments can be carried out at this scan appointment?

You could choose to have a check for the chance of premature birth by measurement of the length of the birth canal (cervix) via the Cervical Length Scan.

What happens after the scan?

You will receive a detailed report along with all images from the scan. We would recommend further Growth Scans in the third trimester depending on your pregnancy history and the 20 weeks scan.

Anomaly scan - 2.jpg
Anomaly scan - 1.jpg
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