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Early Anatomy Scan (16-18 weeks)

An early anatomy scan is carried out to assess the baby’s growth, development and well-being. 

Who needs to have an early anatomy scan?

This scan is recommended for those with previous pregnancy problems such as fetal defects, miscarriages or if the nuchal scan showed any anomalies. Many parents choose to have this to find out the baby's gender. 

Does an early anatomy scan rule out all defects?

This scan rules out major defects, but not all as the baby is still developing.

How is the scan performed?

The early anatomy scan is performed transabdominally (through the abdomen).

What happens after the scan?

You will receive a detailed report along with all images from the scan. We would recommend a further scan at 20 weeks.

Early anatomy scan - 1.jpg
Early anatomy scan - 2.jpg
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