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Growth Scan (28-36 weeks)

The scan includes a comprehensive examination of the baby's growth and well-being. 

Who needs growth scans in third trimester of pregnancy?

Any expectant mother can choose to have growth scans as they provide much-needed reassurance about the normality of the baby’s growth and well-being of the pregnancy. They are particularly necessary in those where problems with the placental function are identified at the Nuchal Scan or the Anomaly Scan and in those with previous medical or pregnancy complications.

What is examined at the growth and well-being scan?

At this scan, we check the baby's growth, quantity of amniotic fluid and, most importantly, patterns of blood flow through the baby's umbilical cord, blood vessels in the brain and those near the baby's heart.

What happens after the scan?

We will discuss the results of the baby's growth and the well-being and recommend further assessments depending on the results.

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